GJDesign & Architecture PC is a Philadelphia based design practice specializing in residential new construction, renovations, and small commercial projects. Our design and consultative services span the necessary range to get your project through feasibility issues or zoning hurdles from inception to completion. We provide confidence and guidance to navigate the City of Philadelphia's zoning and construction processes to our clientele consisting of homeowners, investors, realtors, contractors, developers, and other design businesses. Partnering with the necessary industry professionals to make your project a reality, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in Philadelphia's urban real estate markets. 



Gabriel Deck is a registered architect licensed in Pennsylvania. As a Temple University graduate and Philadelphia native for over 15 years, his experience spans a wide range of residential, commercial and mixed use projects. 

In recent years, Gabe has developed a deep concentration in urban residential design, with a primary focus on row-home renovation and new construction. With the understanding of the importance of client relationships and a deep respect for the skill of good construction, Gabe sees his role on a project as the facilitator of good ideas no matter who proposes them. 



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